Bathing Your Beardie


You can bathe your bearded dragon as often as once per day, but many owners generally bathe them at least once every four to eight days.  When constipation or shedding occurs, it is recommended to bathe them more often as this helps speed the process of defecation and shedding of your bearded dragon’s loose skin.

When bathing your bearded dragon, the water should be about 95 degrees.  The water should be deep enough for your dragon to easily be able to keep its head out of the water.  This is usually one or two inches deep, depending on the size of your beardie.  The bath should last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, just be sure to keep adding warm water to maintain the correct temperature.

Many places are good to give your bearded dragon a bath.  You could fill a sink or large tupperware container, but many prefer to use a bathtub.  Beardies love to swim around in the water and a large space such as a bathtub is ideal for them to wade.



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