Feeding bearded dragons

Taking care of a bearded dragon may be a new, exciting adventure for you.  Learning about the species, their habitat and preferred environment, and temperament are important aspects of learning how to care for a bearded dragon, but you also need to know what and how often to feed your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons eat a variety of things, including plants, insects, fruits, and vegetables.  However, there are some things that you must feed a bearded dragon, like glowing insects, avocados, and insects you capture from outdoors.

The age of a bearded dragon also plays a part in what you should feed it.  Babies should eat a majority of insects and only a small amount of other things, while an adult bearded dragon should eat mostly plants, fruit, and vegetables, with only 20-30% of its diet being from insects.

Feeding bearded dragons can be somewhat complicated for a person new to owning the species and there is much to learn regarding the care of your new friend.


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